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Ethics Statement

Progressive Furniture (PFI) strongly supports fair, equal and humane treatment of all its employees and expects the same from all of its vendors.

PFI policy requires all direct supply chain vendors (tangible goods that PFI will resell to customers), certify they, and suppliers to them, are not involved in any slavery or human trafficking.

For vendors located in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, PFI has employees which, during normal scheduled visits, observe the workplace for evidence of noncompliance. For China, PFI relies not only on PFI employees, but also several third party organizations to make observations during their visits.

Annually, all PFI employees responsible for vendor selection and vendor visits meet to review best practices on vendor selection. Among the topics during this educational discussion is a review of what to look for relative to the PFI policies during their visits.

Noncompliance of the policy would lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment (employee) or business relationship (vendor).
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